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Before arrival in Nautilus, Aya was still largely a blank slate. Only activated a few months prior to her Waking, she viewed things largely through a coolly logical lens. She was, first and foremost, a machine after all. Though she had spent some time exposed to the crew of the Interceptor, she did not have a full understanding of social interactions.

However, as time passed things changed. She started viewing things on more emotional levels. She took interest not just in her scientific studies of the effects of Bending on natural phenomenon but on more social matters as well. She attended and studied her fellow Wakened's interactions. Though largely staying by her crewmate Razer's side, she started venturing out on her own to even participate in various celebrations and goings on.

Her emotions began to expand and grow, deepening a little at a time as Aya worked to reconcile the illogical behavior of her fellow Wakened with the logical processes that bound her as a computer. Some days she was more successful than others. At times, her own inability to fully understand emotional beings lead to awkward situations in which all she could do was question the person she spoke with until she either received a satisfactory answer or the other person simply gave up, leaving her even more confused than beforehand but accepting that she would receive no further input. One of the people this happened with most often was Dib Membrane.

Aya gained a new understanding of biological beings when she spent a week in Dr. Rebecca Holiday's body. She could read off statistics of human behavior and logically reason out some of their activities, but she'd remained in the dark about so much of it. Living the life of an organic being had been a valuable experience, one that gave her a better understanding of not just behavior patterns but the additional senses of those around her: not just sight and hearing but touch, taste, and smell as well. She'd also experienced dreams for the first time. While she'd missed her sensors, she gained an intriguing new data set that, during her idle recharge period, she tries to recreate some of it. Thus far, her attempts have been less than successful, but it does not deter her from continuing to try and better herself.

She'd always possessed the desire to become a true Green Lantern and earn one of the power rings like Hal Jordan and Kilowog wielded, but seeing that there were no Lanterns in Nautilus, she modified her goals somewhat. She started working on her Bending and started up patrols of the city to both understanding the effects of Bending on physical growth and to help out anyone in trouble. For example, she'd been the first to reach Conan Edogawa after he'd been injured once and had tended to his injuries with first aid. In her eyes, a Wakened was like Green Lantern in that they needed to keep the multiverse safe. Though the responsibility came with no power ring (save the fake she received as a gift from Razer), she decided she would work hard to attempt to become one of the higher-leveled Wakened to assist Nautilus in his goal of protecting even those still Asleep.
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Personal Information
Name: Cybra
Age: 27
Personal LJ: [ profile] cybra2003
Email / AIM: cybrarp(@) / CybraRP
Current Character(s): Agent Six, Luna

Character Information
Character Name: Aya
Fandom: Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Source: Basic show information and Aya-specific information

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